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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Eric Garcetti is going to be the new US Ambassador to India

News ECG: The incoming US Ambassador to India will be former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. On Wednesday, the US Senate confirmed his candidature. For nearly two years, there was no ambassador from the United States to India. It is well known that US President Joseph Biden is friendly with the former mayor of Los Angeles.

Garcetti was chosen by the US President to serve as India’s ambassador in 2021. However, the former mayor’s appointment was postponed at the time due to several dramatic charges made against him. Although the position went unfilled for over two years, the US Senate approved the appointment of the Biden assistant with a vote of 52-42.

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Last Monday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Garcetti’s candidature with a vote of 13-8. Meanwhile, US President Joseph Biden praised Eric Garcetti for being chosen to serve as India’s ambassador.

The US President’s office claims that Garcetti will be crucial in enhancing bilateral ties with India. Garcetti served as mayor of Los Angeles from December 2013 to 2022, a period of over nine years. He received praise for a variety of social development efforts.

But, he was then charged with sexually harassing a member of his office staff. Garcetti expressed his delight at being selected as India’s ambassador. In a tweet, the Biden administration expresses gratitude in this regard He pledged to carry out his ambassadorial responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Biden’s envoy declared that he will monitor the strengthening of ties between the two nations. Last serving as an ambassador to India was Kenneth l. Juster. He left his position as ambassador in 2021 following the change of American administration.

Who is Eric Garcetti?

On February 4, 1971, Eric was born in California. He graduated from college and was awarded an MA and a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. The incoming US ambassador attended Oxford and the London School of Economics as a Rhodes Scholar.

Also, he spent time lecturing at several educational institutions. also spent over 12 years as an officer in the US Navy. The incoming American ambassador to India is a pianist in addition to being a talented photographer.

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