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Thursday, March 23, 2023

BJP hits out at Congress MP for Jairam Ramesh correcting Rahul Gandhi’s ‘unfortunate’ presser Gaffe

News ECG: Rahul Gandhi’s word choice was once more ambiguous. Only then did Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the Party, make the error public. The BJP continued to Jairam Ramesh as the spelling error correction video gained popularity on social media.

On Thursday, the Wayanad MP protested because he was denied the opportunity to address the legislature. At a press conference, Rahul stated, “Unfortunately, I am a Member of Parliament, and I am confident that I will be granted the opportunity to speak in Parliament,” in an apparent dig at the central government.

After Rahul’s statement, Jairam Ramesh stepped in. ‘Unfortunately, I am a Member of Parliament,’ he said and recommended Rahul retract it. The former president of the Congress forewarned that the BJP might make light of it.

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Rahul fixed the error after Ramesh’s guidance. Unfortunately, the word is not included. In the meantime, the BJP faced criticism after a video of Ramesh correcting Rahul’s diction on social media. The General Secretary of Congress was a target.

Ramesh was criticized by BJP spokesman Shehzad Poonawala in a tweet for failing to fix the error by publishing a statement. After his trip to London, Rahul Gandhi attended the Parliament on Thursday. The BJP requested an apology from the Congress Member, claiming Rahul had made anti-national remarks while on foreign land.

The two houses of parliament were in a rage, demanding Rahul be held accountable. In a news conference, the MP from Wayanad denied the accusations leveled against him. He asserted that he didn’t say anything disparaging about any country.

The Congressman didn’t stay there, though. He claimed that he had written to Speaker Om Birla pleading for permission to address the House. He considers that every MP has the freedom to express themselves freely in the House of Commons. He hoped that the Speaker would allow him to speak on Friday.

Rahul further asserted that pressure has been placed on the administration and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a result of the Adani problem. He said that he is being stopped from speaking in Parliament as a result of his fear.

In any case, Rahul’s speeches at Cambridge and Chatham House during his tour to London have already sparked controversy. Narendra Modi was charged by the BJP for making anti-Indian remarks. The center-right party in power has issued a warning that Rahul will need to retract his remarks.

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