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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Veteran social media company Meta will lay off 10,000 employees

News ECG: The largest social networking firm in the world, Meta, has declared that it will let go of 10,000 staff members. According to Meta 2023, Meta cut 11,000 positions in 2022 and another 10,000 this year. The layoff was disclosed in a statement by Meta. This is an apology for the most recent choice.

In response, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that tech teams would undergo restructuring and layoffs in late April, whereas business departments would be affected by the end of May. We will implement restructuring plans over the next two months, focusing on terminating our company’s priority programs and lowering hiring rates.

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I’ve made a challenging choice. In an email to fired Meta employees, he wrote, “We will let you know tomorrow if the recruitment team members are affected. In an email to staff members, Zuckerberg hinted that Meta was having money issues and that the company intended to use resources more effectively to grow the company and produce better outcomes.

He stated that before 2022, the Meta had experienced significant expansion. The global economy is now different. Competition is getting tougher. Budgets were slashed. He stated that we regretfully decided to let 13% of our staff members go.

Many people might be surprised by this given that the tech company is firing a significant number of staff. Meta has let go of 11,000 workers in the last three months, and it will let go of another 10,000 in the months to come. In the email, Zuckerberg made it plain that after the layoffs are over, Meta will do away with group recruiting restrictions and transfer freezes.

We intend to adjust recruitment and transfers in each group following the restructuring. But, we still hope to consistently improve process and developer productivity throughout the year. Since there have been layoffs in the tech sector since last year, 2023 has proven to be a dismal year for many.

Thousands of workers are being let go by several major software corporations in the name of cost-cutting and team reduction. Some businesses have informed laid-off workers that performance is a factor in layoffs. Nonetheless, even the top performers have been known to lose their jobs.

Microsoft disclosed plans to fire 10,000 workers earlier this year. Google made 12,000 layoffs concurrently. 18,000 jobs are lost at Amazon. Also, there were rumors that Twitter had let go of more employees. More than 60% of the social media platform’s staff will be let go by 2022.

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