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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Nokia CEO announces working with New Delhi to implement 6G after meeting PM Modi

News ECG: By 2030, 6G will be available in India. Such optimism was voiced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the TRAI’s silver anniversary function the previous year. The core task group has also begun implementing the prime minister’s promise that 6G will be available by the end of the decade. Today, the well-known mobile device maker company Nokia has vowed to support the 6G revolution in India.

Pekka Lundmark, Nokia’s CEO and president, met with Narendra Modi on Monday. The conversation also touched on the subject of 6G in addition to the expansion of Nokia’s operations in India. Both individuals tweeted about the meeting being “fruitful” after it ended. The CEO of Nokia declared collaboration with New Delhi to implement 6G in the same tweet.

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High-speed internet services are expected now that 5G services have been introduced in the nation. Many cities across the nation, including Kolkata, are using 5G. The Center has previously voiced optimism that 5G will significantly enhance the nation’s communication infrastructure.

Telecom analysts say the Indian economy will grow by $50 billion thanks to 5G alone between 2023 and 2040. In his address, Prime Minister Modi also stated numerous times that “this 5G is not only accelerating Internet speed, but it is also bringing the tide of development and creating jobs.”

How much faster will 6G be than 5G technology?

Technology experts predict that 6G will be a hundred times faster than 5G. They anticipate that downloading an 8K video on 6G will take substantially less time than it does on 5G. There is also conjecture that 6G services will be somehow related to AI, or artificial intelligence. Even though the task force’s work began in India last year, 6G research has been ongoing in Dubai since 2020.

If 6G is real by 2030, so what?

Experts anticipate that 7G will be available within ten years of the commercialization of 6G. The use of this technology will heavily rely on quantum mechanics and cryptography.

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