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Thursday, March 23, 2023

In an interview in London, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at BJP

News ECG: Today, Rahul Gandhi, who has traveled to London, spoke with the media. Then he attacked the BJP harshly. Rahul Gandhi recently traveled to England for a week. At the esteemed Cambridge University, Rahul Gandhi intends to hold conversations on big data, democracy, and India-China ties.

Rahul Gandhi claimed in a speech to students yesterday that Pegasus espionage software is being used to monitor opposition leaders and that India’s democracy is in danger. Following that, the BJP members were furious that Rahul Gandhi had disparaged India on foreign soil.

Rahul Gandhi met with the media today in London. Then he continued, “BJP is providing accommodations for people who unquestioningly support Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But those who disagree with him or his administration face violence.

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My candidature for the position of next prime minister is beyond dispute. To defeat the BJP and the RSS is the opposition’s main goal. Through talking to individuals, issues like unemployment can be resolved.

The notion that one person can fix all of these issues is naive. A concerned government and stakeholders need to have a conversation about these challenges. I completely disagree with carrying around a wand in the manner of Narendra Modi as a human being. Fixing is required.

They are charged by the BJP for disparaging India abroad. Through his talks overseas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the one who has damaged India’s reputation. I recall the last time the prime minister traveled abroad and claimed that despite 70 years of independence, India has not advanced.

I recall him remarking that ten years has passed since we lost a decade. He claimed that corruption is rampant in India. All of these comments were made by Prime Minister Modi while traveling abroad. BJP twisted what I said. I have never disparaged my nation.

That’s not something I’ll do. Isn’t it insulting to every Indian when he claims that nothing has changed in 70 years? We won’t allow China to invade and take over our nation. The Prime Minister denied it, and the news about it was kept from the public, but the truth is that the Chinese invaded our area and killed our soldiers,” he stated.

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