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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Supreme Court to give verdict on April 18 on recognition of same-sex marriage in India

News ECG: Same-sex marriage can’t be recognized legally. The Center has provided the Supreme Court with an affidavit. The Supreme Court’s decision this time was based on the affidavit. It’s important to note that the following information is based on information provided by the author.

Live ruling on recognition of same-sex marriage

The validity of same-sex marriage will be decided by a five-judge constitution bench, which was appointed by the Supreme Court. On April 18, the top court’s bench of judges will render a decision in this matter. Live streaming of the full hearing will take place. You may watch the live verdict on YouTube.

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The Supreme Court’s division bench of three judges stated in this regard that the verdict in this case “is very important for the society.” “It is hoped that the five-judge Constitution Bench will deliver a proper verdict in conformity with Article 145 (3) of the Constitution of India,” it added.

What is the logic of the Modi government?

The Center submitted an affidavit on Sunday regarding the topic of same-sex marriage recognition as instructed by the nation’s highest court. The government is unwilling to recognize these weddings legally, as has been made quite obvious.

Statement from the Narendra Modi government, “Bisexual partnerships are entirely distinct from same-sex unions. They cannot be combined into one. That is, same-sex weddings cannot be given legal status in the same way that heterosexual marriages can.”

The primary justification given for not legalizing same-sex marriages is elements of Indian culture. The central government claimed in an affidavit sent to the Supreme Court that marriage in a situation like this would be considered incompatible with India’s idea of legacy.

The center, which rejected legal recognition, added that marriage is a family involving a biological man, a biological woman, and any children they have together. In same-sex partnerships, that is not possible. In addition to this, the statement said that “There are numerous instances of torture and harassment in same-sex marriages.

Even, it is impossible to follow the societal conventions around marriage. The joining of two people of different sexes is referred to as marriage. In terms of social, cultural, and legal considerations, this idea is timeless. Unexpected change is not appropriate.”

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