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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sensational turn in the investigation of Satish Kaushik’s death

News ECG: On March 8, right after Holi, there was some extremely devastating news that morning. According to veteran Bollywood actor and Satish Kaushik pal Anupam Kher, he is no longer. The passing of actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik is troubling.

The man who exposed his heart and rejoiced the day before Javed Akhtar’s death at the Holi party made news the day following his unexpected passing! When Satish was visiting a Holi party in Delhi, he passed away in a farmhouse. The Delhi Police acquired some startling information while conducting their inquiry into that farm residence.

The morning of March 9 saw the post-mortem of Satish Kaushik’s body. According to early accounts, a heart attack was the cause of death. The investigation into the unexpected death, according to the Delhi Police, will nonetheless go on. From the farmhouse, Delhi Police retrieved several medications.

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The police are reportedly also seeking a businessman, according to rumors. According to the Delhi Police, he may be particularly interested in Satish Kaushik’s passing. It is reported that a businessman attended the Holi celebration that Satish attended in Delhi. His name has not yet been made public.

However, the Delhi Police are searching for the man while checking into Satish Kaushik’s unexpected death. According to sources, the businessman’s country residence is where the Holi party was held. High Voltage is examining the party’s guest list. It should be mentioned that Satish Kaushik’s friends have already been contacted by the police.

It’s also possible to recall the people who drove him to the hospital so that more can be looked into. The businessman has reportedly been evading capture since Satish Kaushik’s passing on March 9. At Javed Akhtar’s Holi celebration, Satish Kaushik had a good time. After then, the night-time breathing issues began.

Before being brought to a hospital in Gurugram, the renowned actor and director passed away. According to the preliminary autopsy results, the actor died from a heart attack. Santosh Rai, the actor’s manager, was one of the people who brought Satish Kaushik to the hospital.

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