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Thursday, March 23, 2023

H3N2 Symptoms: This time again Hong Kong Flu!

News ECG: In India, there have been previous H3N2 influenza or “Hong Kong Flu” warnings from ICMR. This time, two of the virus’ victims perished. In a statement issued on Friday, the Health Ministry reported that the virus has claimed the lives of one person each from Haryana and Karnataka. Among them, Hire Gowda was the first victim of Hasan in Karnataka.

Gowda, 82, was hospitalized on February 24 and passed away on March 1. Gowda had been sick with H3N2 influenza for a long period, but he also had diabetes and hypertension. On the other hand, the 56-year-old Haryana guy who passed away had lung cancer. Last January, his H3N2 result was positive. On Wednesday, he passed away in his Jind home.

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The deaths of these two people worry the federal administration. The country’s influenza status is being watched by the Ministry of Health. The “Integrated Disease Surveillance Program” (IDSP) network conducts surveillance in each state and union territory. The center does anticipate a decline in infections by the end of March.

Influenza there are already substantial hospitalization rates for H3N2 subtype infections. The center is investigating the fatality rate as well. Little children and the elderly with co-morbidities are more prone to experience seasonal fever, according to the Ministry of Health’s news release.

For several months, seasonal fever has been escalating. Every year, India experiences two stages of seasonal fever. The first runs from January to March, while the second is the time after the monsoon. In that situation, a decline in seasonal influenza infection rates is anticipated following March.

Patient treatment regimens and guidelines are posted on the websites of the Ministry of Health and NCDC. The Institute has also encouraged state governments to mandate vaccinating medical personnel battling H1N1 sickness. Infections with both the H1N1 and H3N2 viruses are, incidentally, rising across the nation.

According to data from the center, eight H1N1 and 90 H3N2 virus illnesses have been reported in the nation. A group of doctors from West Bengal asserts that Bengal is also experiencing an increase in seasonal influenza-A infections. This year after COVID, infection rates and prevalence are high.

Doctors claim that because hygiene precautions like hand washing and mask use were more frequently practiced during the Covid era, the prevalence of this particular virus infection was lower. Due to better hygiene, the infection rate is now rising. The ICMR has published recommendations for good hygiene habits to avoid contracting the flu.

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