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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Apple has blocked updates to the BlueMail email app

News ECG: The ChatGPT Chatbot was part of an upgrade to the email client BlueMail, but Apple forbade its release and insisted that the developer first implement content filtering or age limits. This is how Apple treats applications that generate content using AI.

According to Apple’s App Review (opens in new tab) division, which told Blix that AI could produce content that might not be appropriate for younger audiences, one of the two aforementioned safeguards must be incorporated before release.

Ben Volach, the co-founder of Blix Inc., the company that created BlueMail, disagreed with Apple’s decision, claiming that BlueMail already has content screening and that other App Store applications with comparable AI capabilities do not have age limitations.

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By incorporating OpenAI’s enduringly well-liked ChatGPT chatbot into the email client, users may use the new AI capability in BlueMail to automate email authoring. It checks that its content is appropriate by using events from your calendar and prior emails.

According to Volach, “Apple is making it difficult for us to offer innovation to our users. A representative reportedly informed the WSJ (opens in new tab) that the App Review Board is presently looking into the complaint made by Blix.

According to Volach, Apple reviewed a test version of the changed app every day for a week before rejecting it. Yet, there were no age limits or content filters applied to the Google Play Store listing for the improved Android app.

He thinks Apple is unfairly targeting BlueMail and that age limitations would make it more difficult for them to make the program available to new customers. Apple seems to be more worried about the dangers of AI than other significant tech companies.

It has been glaringly absent from the present arms race between Google, with its new competitor chatbot Bard and its allegedly extraordinarily potent LaMDA AI, and Microsoft, a major investor of OpenAI who recently included its chatbot models into its search engine Bing.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated that AI is a “key emphasis of ours” during an earnings call last month (opens in new tab). But, it seems to be paying particular attention to the AI in iOS apps for the time being.

Only those 17 and older can download Bing’s new smartphone app with AI integration for the iPhone; there are no age restrictions for the Android version on Google Play. The WSJ was informed by a Microsoft spokesman that this has always been the case due to the software’s ability to display adult content similar to a standard web browser.

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