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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Air India again in controversy! Worms found in business class food of Mumbai-Chennai flight

News ECG: Sanjeev Kapoor, a well-known celebrity chef, recently criticized Air India for the breakfast food on a journey from Nagpur to Mumbai. After a video of a bug crawling into a plate of partially consumed food that was served in business class on a flight between Mumbai and Chennai leaked online, the same airline is once again under scrutiny.

Worms in Air India’s food!

What specifically occurred on board the Air India flight? On an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai, it is known that a person by the name of Mahavir Jain was traveling in Business Class (Air India Airline Business Class). He places a midair food order. He received lunch from the onboard hostess.

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After finishing his meal, Mahavir notices a bug creeping over his plate. He recorded the insect food right away, and he quickly tweeted the footage. There was a commotion once the video went viral. The video of Mahavir Jain started going viral. The passengers incited a rage by tagging Air India. Internet users were horrified by the airline’s carelessness.

Air India apologized

Air India eventually apologized after facing criticism from the public. The government sent out a tweet. “Hello, Mr. Jain We are sorry. What transpired to you on our aircraft worries us. It wasn’t necessary. We are concerned about the well-being and safety of our customers. In response to the victim passenger, he tweeted, “We cannot allow any negligence in this aspect. I won’t.”

Yet, sarcasm directed against Air India persists despite this. “We are quite shocked to witness this kind of service even after spending so much money on flight tickets,” one user commented on the airline in the comments section. Others have spoken about their experiences.

Numerous people expressed their displeasure at receiving aircraft food, trash, and insects. Early on Monday morning, a flying incident happened at the airport in Kolkata. A SpiceJet flight with a destination of Bangkok was swiftly brought down to Kolkata Airport.

The aircraft’s left engine blade was broken, and the pilot discovered this after take-off. The plane’s pilot alerted the authorities out of fear. Declare a full emergency, he advised. The passenger airliner for SpiceJet then made an emergency landing.

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