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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Bollywood singer Armaan Malik expressed anger on YouTuber Armaan Malik

News ECG: Popular vocalist Armaan Malik has recently drawn a lot of media attention. The singer’s ire has been directed at prominent YouTuber Armaan Malik. However, several reports on the YouTuber have appeared during the past few days. Both Payal Malik and his wife Kritika Malik are expecting children.

Such a discussion would be continued by Armaan, the spouses, and others. Armaan Malik, a vocalist, has since disputed these assertions. Singer vented his annoyance on Twitter over the circumstance. Singer Armaan Malik claimed that the press was defaming him in an interview. He’s tired of reading about himself in the news every day.

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According to a post from Singer’s verified account, “Sandeep is his real name; stop referring to him as Armaan Malik. For God’s sake, my name has been abused enough. I’ve grown disgusted after reading articles about it in the early morning hours. I find it repulsive.”

In this instance, we can also see Singer’s supporters nodding in agreement. Many users of social media have expressed support for singer Armaan Malik in this matter. I concur with this, a user wrote. This YouTuber’s name is always up when I search for Armaan Malik, another user commented, adding the comment, “Honestly, it is quite scary.”

“Don’t know who asked him to keep this name and why,” the third person remarked, “Why don’t individuals identify with their real name?” In addition to all of this, another user questions why Sandeep is being used in place of our Armaan.

In the meantime, Kritika, YouTuber Arman Malik’s wife, retaliated against the musician. In a video, she said neither of them had ever abused his name. She claims that in none of the self-promotional videos they have created, they have used either his name or his thumbnail. Then Armaan begged him to put an end to his jealousy.

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