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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Javed Akhtar hits out at extremists demanding ‘Hindu Rashtra’

News ECG: Javed Akhtar slammed fanatics calling for a “Hindu Rashtra” and claimed that the Brits tried to establish nations based on religions and failed horribly in doing so. He made the remarks while discussing the founding of Pakistan at a Mumbai event.

Javed Akhtar said, “If a book were to be written about 10 faults that people have committed, the creation of Pakistan would surely figure in it when asked if the founding of Pakistan was a mistake in hindsight at an ABP event in Mumbai.

Although it was ludicrous and irrational, we must accept that it is what it is. But, it was wrong and utterly illogical; religion does not create a nation and is insufficient as a unifying force. If it had been, the entire Middle East and the entire continent of Europe would have been two different countries.

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You will continue to peel back the onion’s layers today, the day you start excluding, to locate the true onion, but you won’t succeed. Shias and Ahmediyas are no longer regarded as Muslims there (in Pakistan). So what have we learned from them? That exclusion still exists.

Said he, “You want a Hindu Rashtra, so we are doing what they did 70 years ago. What will you construct, Arre wo (Pakistan) nahi bana sake, duniya nahi bana saki aap kya bana lenge? They couldn’t do it, the world couldn’t, so what will you do? I have no notion what a Hindu Rashtra or a country with no other foundation is.

The Bollywood poet-writer has recently been at the center of a new controversy after attending a festival in Pakistan. Javed said that Pakistan continued to support the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks when he was told that all Indians believed that all Pakistanis were terrorists. While Indians, including celebrities and politicians, have praised him for the statement, Pakistani celebrities have criticized him.

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