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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Apple working on new blood glucose monitoring feature for its watches

News ECG: Many health-related capabilities, including heart rate tracking, stress monitoring, and many more, are currently available on Apple Watch. The firm is always developing new health-related functions for its watches. It only recently incorporated an ECG feature into some models.

Long-running rumors suggest that a future Apple Watch will support blood glucose monitoring. The most recent report confirms earlier rumors. Rumors regarding the Apple Watch being able to measure blood sugar levels have been circulating online for a long time.

According to the most recent Bloomberg report, Apple appears to be making progress much more quickly than one might anticipate. Soon, individuals with diabetes and those without it will be able to test their blood glucose levels without having to prick their skin thanks to Apple Watch’s support for blood glucose monitoring.

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According to rumors, Apple is working on a silicon photonics chip that uses optical absorption spectroscopy and a laser to emit light under the skin to test blood glucose levels devoid of the need for blood. Apple’s no-prick glucose monitoring is currently at the “proof-of-concept stage,” but it needs to be much smaller to fit into a wearable, according to people familiar with the project.

The prototype device, according to sources, is currently the size of an iPhone and is simply fastened to a man’s arm. The blood glucose monitor that Apple has been developing for years hasn’t been formally announced as a feature of a future watch by the firm.

It all reportedly began in 2010 when Apple bought the blood glucose monitoring start-up RareLight. Since then, the corporation has been working on the project very covertly. The narrative highlights how closely aligned the project has been with Tim Cook, the head of Apple Watch hardware, Eugene Kim, and other significant figures.

We haven’t seen any real-world products that can test blood glucose without pricking the skin, despite even though been working on blood glucose monitoring technology for many years. According to reports, Apple will take a long time to formally introduce an Apple Watch that supports blood glucose monitoring.

Although no actual products have yet been launched, a few other tech businesses worked on blood glucose monitoring technology before Apple. Recall that Verily, a division of Alphabet focused on health, shelved plans for a smart contact lens that would monitor blood sugar levels through tears in 2018. In light of this, it will be intriguing to see if upcoming Apple Watches will have the capability of accurately monitoring blood glucose without the need for a skin prick.

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