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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thackeray gets emotional after Abdu Rozik’s elimination

News ECG: As previously mentioned, Bigg Boss 16’s saddest moment leaves the entire housemates distraught and heartbroken. The tragic images of Abdu Rozik’s departure from the house will be televised today. The taskmaster states in the new channel promo that they have never seen such a twist in the previous 15 seasons.

All of the housemates, especially Archana Gautam, are startled as BB announces Abdu’s departure. Everyone is in tears as the most lovable singer, Chota Bhaijaan, closes his Bigg Boss tenure. Shiv Thakare and MC Stan are the contestants most impacted by Abdu’s absence.

While sobbing violently, Shiv thinks of his younger brother Abdu. Sajid Khan Claims that he sensed something was about to happen to them even before BB revealed Abdu’s fate. Even Tina Datta sobs as she recalls Abdu’s role in her time there and claims, “He was always there for me.”

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Aside from Abdu, Sreejita De was eliminated on Friday, and the audience saved MC Stan, Nimrit, and Sumbul Touqeer as well as the other three nominees. Five days ago, it was reported that Abdu Rozik will leave Bigg Boss on January 12 due to some prior obligations, according to information provided by The Khabri.

Shiv gained Shalin’s mother’s confidence during the course of the family weekend. Thakare was even referred to as Sunita Bhanot’s third son. Sunita, Shalin’s mother, has just joined the home to get to know her son and the other residents.

Sunita enjoyed spending time with her son after the 100-day mark, but she was forced to leave after speaking with Sumbul, Abdu Rozik, Sreejita, and Archana. Bigg Boss ordered everyone to stop moving before exiting the home. In addition to wishing the contestants well, Sr. Bhanot spoke with Shiv in particular.

The Bigg Boss Marathi S2 winner has earned Shalin and his family’s heart and trust, according to a source familiar to Sunita. Sunita informed Shiv that after Rahul Bhanot and Shalin, he is her third son. Shiv was also informed by Sunita that he now had a home and family in Mumbai. Shiv seemed upset after this chat.

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